Burnley Bead

Phoenix Works
Raglan Street
Hyde SK14 2DX

 0161 368 6191  sales@burnleybead.co.uk

SRL (Bead and Blast) Ltd.

Manufacturing Assembly

Stillage containers, Racking Systems, Trolleys and Pallets

Powder Coating

Industrial Coatings, Nylon Coating, Plastic Coating

Metal Fabrication

Medical Cabinets, Industrial Medical Trollies, Framework

CNC Machining

Cylinder Trays, Flange Blanks, Pickling Saddles


Steel compacting, strengthening

Manufacturing Assembly

We Specialise in stillage, container assembly and repair. Servicing the Oil, Gas, Motor & Medical Industry. We have the facility to design, create, build & finish all our products on site, with components produced at our company using  CAD / CAM / CNC, dedicated press tooling, welding etc.

• Metal Fabrication
• Sheet Metal Work
• Welding
• Powder Coating

We serve a wide variety of industries with machining requirements including those looking for high precision and prototype work. We have an extensive welding facility and can provide metal enclosures with excellent rates to all.